Monday, April 27, 2009


Easter means many things to many people. To my kids it means coloring easter eggs, easter egg hunts, and candy from the easter bunny. So this year I worked on what Easter really means. I think they are getting it. When I asked them what Easter was for Brooklyn did know it was about Christ but Jeremy was definitely all about the eggs. Anyway, we did the usual. The kids decorated cookies and we went to an easter egg hunt on the Saturday before Easter. I have to admit Sunday was not a very enjoyable day. I think that is why I forgot to pull out the camera. I don't have any cute pictures of Ryan from his first Easter. Hopefully he will forgive me.

(Don't worry, I have given Jeremy a haircut since this picture. I had to post it because they look so happy.)
I know I haven't posted any pictures of the house yet. But in this picture you can kind of see the family room. The kids are up to the bar in the kitchen with the eating area and family room behind them. You can kind of see the paint color. I am very happy with the way it all turned out.

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