Monday, April 27, 2009

ride along

My parents are in town and it has been really fun having them here. On Friday we walked to some ponds and fed the ducks and on Friday evening we went to Lewisville Park. Lewisville Park is kind of like Mueller Park but bigger and there is a big river running through it. Anyway, we went there and took dinner with us. Unfortunately I forgot my camera to both of these. But we had fun feeding the ducks, throwing rocks in the river, and also going to Jeremy's t-ball game.

Anyway, with them here I was able to go on a ride along with Benson. He has wanted me to go with him and I have wanted to for a long time. So I went with Benson on Friday night. I was so nervous I was sick to my stomach by the time we got to the Precinct. I ended up really enjoying it. It was fun to see Benson at work and what he does. It was a definite eye opener. I told Benson I have a lot more respect for him and his work (not that I didn't respect him before) and now I think I am more worried about him at work. It just made things a lot more real as to what he deals with. But it was a lot of fun.

I got to see drunk people throwing up in the street, a girl squatting and urinating on the side walk, we drove really fast on the freeway to a motorcycle accident that ended up being fatal, and we responded to a call about a possible burglary. Of course I didn't understand what we were doing when we pulled up on the side of a building and Benson turns of his lights about 1/2 a block before that and then he gets out and says, "stay here." Before I could even ask a question he was out of the car peeking around a corner with his hand on his gun. Then I really started to panic. Luckily back up was there quickly and it ended up being nothing. But my heart was definitely pounding and my hands were shaking. When Benson got out I locked the doors but kept my finger on the unlock in case Benson came running back and needed to get in immediately. He came back to the car smiling and laughing meanwhile I am in a state of panic and I asked him what was happening. He said, "Oh, didn't you hear what the call was all about over the radio?" I heard the conversation but didn't understand it, I told him! Anyway, all was good and I can't wait to go with him again.


Easter means many things to many people. To my kids it means coloring easter eggs, easter egg hunts, and candy from the easter bunny. So this year I worked on what Easter really means. I think they are getting it. When I asked them what Easter was for Brooklyn did know it was about Christ but Jeremy was definitely all about the eggs. Anyway, we did the usual. The kids decorated cookies and we went to an easter egg hunt on the Saturday before Easter. I have to admit Sunday was not a very enjoyable day. I think that is why I forgot to pull out the camera. I don't have any cute pictures of Ryan from his first Easter. Hopefully he will forgive me.

(Don't worry, I have given Jeremy a haircut since this picture. I had to post it because they look so happy.)
I know I haven't posted any pictures of the house yet. But in this picture you can kind of see the family room. The kids are up to the bar in the kitchen with the eating area and family room behind them. You can kind of see the paint color. I am very happy with the way it all turned out.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

our little T-baller

Jer had his first T-ball game tonight. He was so excited. He was talking about it all day. He got to hit three times and he did really well. He was extremely focused and into the game. I am so looking forward to all of my years watching my boys play ball.

What a cutie! He is one of the youngest on the team. So he looks pretty small when he is out there.

I just love this picture of him. I am not even sure what he is doing but he is having a good time.

a little of what's been going on

This picture is out of order but Jeremy loved helping Benson mow the lawn.
This picture is of the day we moved in. Shelly and her kids came and helped us. The kids had fun cleaning the pantry. I gladly let them scrub. The kids in their new home.

As you can see I worked Benson really hard. I would paint all the trim and then Benson would wake up and roll the rest. He was glad when it was done. Now we just have the upstairs to do! I think we will wait a few months. I didn't take any before pictures and have yet to take after pictures. But everything was white except Brooklyn's room which is purple. Unfortunately it is a pretty bad paint job.

The Williams came to visit on Sunday. It was such a beautiful day that the kids spend most of it outside. This car was in Brooklyn's bedroom when we moved in. Brooklyn and Heidi figured out how to take it apart and we moved it outside for the kids to climb on. So here they are outside reassembling the "bed."

We also played croquet and ate outside.

I was shocked at how Ryan reacted to the grass. He really didn't mind it at all. He realized it was different but it didn't bother him. He enjoyed touching something new.

This is his look. He is always playing with his tongue. It is really cute. Brooklyn has also taught him to clay his hands. He is getting so big! He has also stood on his own for about 2 seconds. Which I know isn't long but very exciting!

last days in Tualatin

I thought I would post some pictures of our last few days in Tualatin. I love my new house but I miss the familiarity of Tualatin and our friends there. Anyway, here are a few pictures.

I love this picture of Ryan looking for "greener pastures".
At Jurgens Park with with Williams just a few days before we moved.

Brooklyn with Ms. Shilling on her last day at Deer Creek. Her teacher isn't really one to get all lovey dovey but she was sad when Brooklyn left.

Brooklyn's class made her a poster.
We also had a going away party at Jeremy's school but I forgot my camera, dangit!

Thursday, April 02, 2009


We are finally in our house. We have been through many ups and downs with the house. After we were told that we had the house it went back and forth 2 or 3 more times. Just some really bizarre stuff. Anyway, we moved in last Tuesday and since then we have been busy unpacking and making the house ours. We have been painting, cleaning and doing yard work. We have also been making new friends. Our next door neighbors have been really friendly and they have kids our kids' ages. We have been over there for dinner and already had a playdate. We also went to someone's house from our ward. They have kids our kids' ages also but the best part is is that they have a little boy Jeremy's age!!! So Jeremy has already had fun playing with him and asks everyday to go over to their house and play.

Anyway, I have taken a few pictures but I don't know where my cord is to put them on the computer. So when I find that I will post some pictures.

Ryan has turned 7 months old and does whatever he can to keep up with Brooklyn and Jeremy. He loves when they include him in their activities. He thinks he is such a big boy. He laughs and talks and plays with them. He's learned to crawl up the stairs quite well and started learning how to go down today. He still loves to give kisses and he is a big talker. He says, "dadadada" alot. We know that he isn't associating that with Benson but it is still really cute and he loves his dad also. He loves when Benson gets home from work. He will stare at him until Benson picks him up and gives him loves. It's super cute.

I thought I would just post a quick update. I will post some pictures soon (hopefully).