Friday, March 06, 2009

all about Ryan

Here are some pictures of Ryan's doings the past few days. I was getting ready to put the kids to bed the other night and Jeremy was laying on the ground. Well Ryan couldn't get enough of him. He kept kissing Jeremy all over his face. If Jeremy rolled away Ryan followed. It was really funny. Ryan's second time eating. He actually liked the rice cereal more then Brooklyn or Jeremy ever did. But that's not saying much.

Now when I go pick Ryan up out of bed this is what he is doing. He has gotten so mobile. He crawls everywhere. He never really did the army crawl thing, which Jeremy did for forever. He has to crawl to try and keep up with his siblings. We were at the church the other day for playgroup and the kids were running back and forth past Ryan and he kept turning around trying to catch up with them. But anyway, he loves to pull himself up on furniture and then he doesn't know what to do after that. So he stands there until he falls over or someone helps him.


caitjane said...

oh my goodness he's getting so big!! What a cutie! I for one hate when people say..oh you're baby looks EXACTLY like his mom or oh he's a spitting image of his dad! it really does annoy me and call me a hypocrite but I can definately tell he's YOUR son in that picture of him eating. Seriously there's a lot of Michelle in him. So cute.

Janel said...

oh i miss my baby ryan! the new "kid talk" cracks me up! hope we get to see you this summer. p.s.-avery has named her pink bear, Ryan