Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I should never create a post after midnight. I realized that after I did the last two but here I am at 11:57. I missed so much on those posts but it seems to be the only time I don't have stuff to do. Anyway, I missed mentioning that it was Ryan's first Christmas and New Year's party. He also had his first plane ride but I don't have a picture of that.

Here is Ryan helping Grandpa open a present. Actually I think it was already opened he just loved playing with the paper. What a lucky little boy! He is in a picture between to hot girls for New Year's. I am sure he will love showing this one off someday. These are Cait's friends Katrina and Kelly. They stopped by for a minute. Caitlin was still a little sick with the flu. Poor Cait!


Carla said...

It sure was fun seeing Ryan for the first time ang getting to hold him. He's such a sweet baby!!

Janel said...

ryan is so cute! i miss him-hope we can see you guys again soon