Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Coast

Since Brooklyn was out of school due to MLK Day and Benson didn't have to work we headed to the coast for the day. We made our first stop in Lincoln City and then headed south to Newport and to the aquarium. It was a beautiful day. It has been windy and cold in Tualatin so it was a nice break from that.

I asked Jeremy to stop, look at me and let me take a picture. He didn't stop but he did look at me so I guess that is good enough.

Benson and Ryan walked ahead of us for a bit and I got this picture. I love it!

This picture is from the beach in Newport. The kids had fun playing in the sand dunes at this beach. It is amazing how much the beaches can change.
We also made a quick stop at the aquarium. We didn't get there until 4:00 and it closed at 5:00. But it was fine we quickly got to do the things everyone wanted to do.


crazymamma said...

this trip looked soo fun! I know that you ahve been wanting to do this for awhile so i am soo glad the weather was awesome for you to do it! And look freakin HOT in the picture of you and the kdis..seriously you really do look really pretty!

Brenley said...

I havent gotten up there yet! I am seriously hoping this next week. And don't worry, you are top on my list for when I actually do get up there. I can't believe the weather was so nice at the coast this last weekend!

Janel said...

miss you guys!! looks like you had a fun weekend.