Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Coast

Since Brooklyn was out of school due to MLK Day and Benson didn't have to work we headed to the coast for the day. We made our first stop in Lincoln City and then headed south to Newport and to the aquarium. It was a beautiful day. It has been windy and cold in Tualatin so it was a nice break from that.

I asked Jeremy to stop, look at me and let me take a picture. He didn't stop but he did look at me so I guess that is good enough.

Benson and Ryan walked ahead of us for a bit and I got this picture. I love it!

This picture is from the beach in Newport. The kids had fun playing in the sand dunes at this beach. It is amazing how much the beaches can change.
We also made a quick stop at the aquarium. We didn't get there until 4:00 and it closed at 5:00. But it was fine we quickly got to do the things everyone wanted to do.

Ryan's newest tricks

Just in the last few days Ryan has discovered his toes. I love when he sucks on them. Here are a couple of pictures of him doing just that. Gotta love the taste of that big toe!

Ryan also loves to get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth. I can't believe he is old enough to do all of these things. He will be crawling so quick. I really better start baby proofing the house.
Ryan is so social and so loveable. Some of the people I work with get so excited when I come in with him because they just love him. When Brooklyn and Jeremy were babies they were so shy and would cry when someone would talk to them. Not Ryan, he loves the attention.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

a new discovery

So you probably think this is a post about Ryan and his new discoveries but it is not. I should do one of those posts though...maybe later! Anyway I just discovered Apparently you can watch movies that are out in the theatre on your computer. You also have an intermission in the middle of the movie. I haven't tried it yet mainly because I just found out about it and second because we need to buy a new computer first. So that just got higher on my priority list. So I thought this was great news for all of you that don't want to go spend $20 just to see a movie and probably have to pay a babysitter also.

Just a note, I saw that Twilight was on there for all you crazy Twilight fans.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I should never create a post after midnight. I realized that after I did the last two but here I am at 11:57. I missed so much on those posts but it seems to be the only time I don't have stuff to do. Anyway, I missed mentioning that it was Ryan's first Christmas and New Year's party. He also had his first plane ride but I don't have a picture of that.

Here is Ryan helping Grandpa open a present. Actually I think it was already opened he just loved playing with the paper. What a lucky little boy! He is in a picture between to hot girls for New Year's. I am sure he will love showing this one off someday. These are Cait's friends Katrina and Kelly. They stopped by for a minute. Caitlin was still a little sick with the flu. Poor Cait!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Twenty nine reasons

So Benson was looking at Brenley and Bryce's blog today and felt bad after. Brenley posted 30 reasons why she loves her husband for his birthday. Benson thought I wouldn't be able to come up with that many reasons why I love him. Which is very untrue. (He acts so tough but he is a true softy!) So anyway, here are 29 reasons why I love him. He gets his 30th reason on his 30th birthday.

1. he makes me laugh
2. he is a very hard worker
3. he is very organized
4. he helps me a ton around the house
5. he loves me unconditionally
6. he is patient with me
7. he loves his kids and is a wonderful dad
8. he is very smart
9. he knows me inside and out
10. he knows how to get me out of a bad mood
11. he is a wonderful teacher
12. he is tough
13. he is a softy
14. he listens to me
15. he is very passionate
16. he is very protective of me and the kids
17. he is goofy
18. he is handsome
19. he surprises me with little gifts
20. he supports me
21. he encourages me
22. he is thoughtful
23. he takes good care of me
24. he has seen me at my worst and still loves me
25. I can tell him anything
26. he does what I ask even if he really doesn't want to
27. he is selfless
28. he understand me
29. he smells good (I hope that doesn't sound weird)

Bens, I know you are going to kill me for posting this. But I want you to know there are many reasons why I love you!

One Memorable Christmas

This was definitely a memorable Christmas. Here is a list of a few things that happened:
-lots and lots of snow in Oregon
-cancelled flights
-spent Christmas day flying
-celebrated Christmas with my family 2 days late
-Caitlin got the flu
-my mom got the flu
These are a few of the things that made Christmas one to never forget. Here are a few pictures of some of our adventures.

The kids had a sleep over "Christmas night." The blankets and pillowcases they are using my mom made them as gifts. Jeremy requested a Christmas pillowcase.
Cait and Ry on Christmas morn.
Jer and Dad
My parents got Benson a hard hat so he would be prepared for his next crash.
Brooklyn and Avery, what cuties!
The whole Christmas gang.
We also went to Temple Square. I hadn't been in a few years so it was fun to go again. The kids really enjoyed it. We went back a couple of days later and my parents took the kids through the visitor's center. They really enjoyed it. We went back at Jeremy's request. We also went and saw the capitol. I may post pics of that at a later time.

Mommy, Brooklyn, and Jer
Ryan also enjoyed looking at all of the lights.
Take #750. We tried really hard to get a decent picture of all of us. This is one of the best that we got. Try pleasing 4 women. It is next to impossible. But here are me and my sisters. We had a lot of fun together. We missed you Brooke!
Carla took Brooklyn to Dancing with the Stars. She had such a fun time with Carla. I am sure it is an experience she will talk about for a very long time.
I loved this picture of the 2 of them.
Sweet little Ryan. He is getting to be such a big boy. I had to post this because he looks so big. I couldn't believe it.
We spent many hours and very late nights playing games. Rummikub was at the top of the list.
Us girls also played Survivor one night. We laughed so hard and had such a good time. We never came up with a winner. Laura wouldn't pick. It was between me and Cait.
Thank you everyone for everything. We had such a fun time. We stayed up way too late and ate way too much food. But it was all worth it.
Apparently Benson never got pictures at his mom's house. I will have to get copies from some of you!