Wednesday, December 24, 2008

snowed in

Benson pulled the kids on the sled to the office. It was a lot of fun.
The kids and I were supposed to fly out on Monday. We got part way to the airport when we found out our flight was canceled. We were expecting that but didn't want to miss it if it wasn't canceled. This picture was taken the day we were supposed to fly out. For anyone that knows our area this is 99W. It is a very main road and it is completely covered in at least 6 inches of packed snow. It makes for quite an adventure. Good thing Benson is such a good driver in the snow. I can't sit at home for days and days, luckily Benson is willing to go out in this.
Yesterday we went out and enjoyed the snow. May as well embrace it, right?

I needed proof that Ryan and I braved the weather also.

Jeremy loved just pulling the sled around.


Cody and Nicole said...

It was so great running into you at Kohl's. I'm really glad that we found each other and that we can start keeping in touch again!

KATE said...

What great pictures! Freezing and icy, but so pretty!!