Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white, ice encrusted, Christmas!!!

For those of you who are not familiar with the great Northwest, there is a lovely phenomenon known as 'freezing rain'. The basic concept of freezing rain is that there is water falling in the form of rain, but as it hits the trees, ground, cars and other things, it freezes. We had about 8 to 12 inches of powdery snow, followed by freezing rain. The rain froze the top level of the snow, forming about a 1/2 inch of ice layer on the snow. It looks absolutely beautiful, but it causes lots of headaches.

As one steps onto the frozen snow, you actually break through the ice. The ice breaking produces a deep cracking sound, and reminded me of the movies where the unsuspecting guy breaks through the frozen lake.
The kids were having a blast throwing the broken chunks of ice. I guess jagged ice is much more fun to throw than snow balls! Excuse the ghetto pj's and rain boot combo, we weren't really worried about fashion sense.

All of the individual branches have a layer of ice on them.

Don't know if you can make it out in the picture, but our van is covered in ice. I had to crack all of the ice off of the windows and doors. At one point, I was holding the ice scraper like a baseball bat and hitting the body of the van in order to crack the ice.

You can't really see how thick the ice is, but this picture shows how much ice was covering the snow.

We are loving the white, but we hope that we are able to make our flights to Utah for the Christmas celebration!


Daphna said...

Wow that's kind of cool snow/ice but seems dangerous to walk on! have fun in utah, i just left there!

Anonymous said...

of course i am so disappointed that you all will not be here to celebrate the birth of christ with family here, however, i am grateful that you are together and that you are safe and warm.  with the disappointments that come to us in life christmas reminds us of the pure love and sacrifice of christ that always can provide us with love and comfort.  you will be here close in my heart.  i love you all and merry christmas.  i must end with this for brooklyn, jeremy and ryan.  i love you up to the moon, stars, sun, sky, roof, house heaven and back.  love and kisses grandma jeanxxxxoooo

caitjane said...

:( i miss you guys!!!!! it wont be Christmas until you're here!!

KATE said...

Holy Cow! Thats nuts! I'll take plain ol' ordinary snow any day! Good luck with that, and be safe on your Holiday trip!!

Ben said...

Wow, lovely photos, Michelle! Merry Christmas, wherever you celebrate it this year. I'm glad Benson is OK. :)

Ben LL