Monday, December 15, 2008

I dig snow!

So we got a bunch of snow on Sunday. When I say a bunch a mean an Oregon bunch not a Utah bunch. I am guessing we got around 3 inches. It was so beautiful and it is still around. Usually here it snows and melts but it is still on the ground. It is amazing how much shuts down when we get a little bit of snow in Oregon. We got out of church 2 hours early, the kids don't have school, Club Sport (where I work) closed down, and the doctor called me to see if I was still going to come for my appointment. I guess it is because there are no snow plows. Our roads are literally covered in ice. It is kinda nice though because we get to have some fun family days together.

Anyway, I was taking pictures of Ryan in his very appropriate shirt that read, "I dig snow." Of course Jeremy needed to join in. I love this picture because poor little Ryan looks like he is begging for me to take him from Jeremy. Which he actually probably really was doing. Little Ry in his cute snow shirt.
We had a really nice Sunday. We got together with some friends for dinner and the kids went outside to play. Our friends have a huge yard so the kids had tons and tons of room to do whatever their little hearts desired.

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KATE said...

That is by far the coolest little baby boy shirt EVER!!