Monday, December 15, 2008

"Click it or Ticket"

Pretty much everybody who has heard about the crash has made comment about the fact that I may not have been securely strapped into my vehicle. Well, Kerri and Steve decided that they would send me a little 'get better' gift. As you can see, Kerri had the cookie place write 'click it or ticket' on the center piece. I thought it was pretty funny.
Funny story about the cookies: we were bringing the cookies into the house and Jeremy and Brooklyn were fighting over who got the blue race car. Brooklyn sighed and then said "well, I guess I will eat the green one." Michelle then had to remind the both of them that the cookies belonged to me, and that they would be lucky to get any of the cookies.
By the way, the cookies are delicious. Thanks Kerri and Steve!!!


KATE said...

That is a cute idea, and reminder! ha ha!

crazymamma said...

hahahaha that was awesome..why didnt i think of that! hehehe

Brenley said...

I keep forgetting to tell Bryce about this! Glad Benson has a great sense of humor about the whole thing!

katrina said...

all the little stories about jeremy are so funny!! i was seriously laughing so hard!