Monday, December 08, 2008

another year, another tree

While Kathi, Zach, and Ashli were here we decided to do another tradition that we started last year. We went and cut down our Christmas tree. This year Kathi also picked one out and took it home with her. So that will be fun to see it in her house when we go for Christmas.

Once again the pictures are in the opposite order then what I put them but I guess it's not a big deal. This picture was taken just before they left. As you can see Jer was fighting about being in the picture. Zach did a good job holding him. This picture is taken in front of the tree that Kathi picked.

This is our tree with Benson posing like a dork.

I love this picture of Jer with his little head poking through. They were doing the all important job of holding the tree while Benson cut it down.

You would never know that during our hunt for the tree we had a huge fight as to what tree to get. Jeremy was all upset because he wanted a different tree but Brooklyn liked the same on that Benson did. So of course we have to stand there while I try and figure out how to please both kids. Jeremy ended up conceding. As long as he made sure that he gets to pick the tree next year.

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KATE said...

I LOVE that you went out and cut it down! What a great tradition! Love it, love the pictures too!!