Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween night

While the kids were out trick-or-treating this cop stopped and gave them candy. I asked Benson if that is what he would be doing when he went to work that night. Ha Ha! The kids were a little nervous at first but ended up having no problem taking candy from him. As we were out we realized Jer's pants were falling down unbeknownst to him. I had to get a picture.

Here are the results of our pumpkin carving. We had 5 before we started and one was stolen. Then after Halloween night we were down to 3. From left to right: Bensons, Jeremy's, Brooklyn's/Zach's, then mine/Brooklyn's/Benson's.

We had dinner with the Williams' and then went trick-or-treating with them. We had a good time.


Janel said...

what's the white stuff around the pumpkins? ya know what i want? those peanut butter cup cookies!!---sorry, that was totally random!

Weinberger Family said...

Janel- It is just the pavement. Where it is darker is just pavement that has been beaten up by the rain over the years. Crazy huh!

Carla said...

Looks like Jer was trying to be a hip-hop pirate. Way to go, Jer!!

KATE said...

They are so cute!