Wednesday, November 26, 2008

house hunting

The house hunting has begun. Today we went and saw lots of houses. Jeremy and Ryan were real troopers. It was really fun but also a lot to take in and a lot of stress. But I still think it is fun. I was shocked at how some people live. Some houses were so messy but even more then that they were down right filthy. I seriously don't understand how people live like that. There were a few houses that Benson told Jeremy not to touch anything. It was bad. But we did find some nice houses also. This house is definitely one of my favorites if not my favorite. It is really cute. It has 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms. We will see what else we find next week!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

8 things tag

Janel tagged me and so I thought I should deliver. I am in a bad mood so hopefully thinking about some of my favorite things will put me in a good one.

8 favorite tv shows.....
(unlike Janel this is very easy for me)
-The Amazing Race
-The Biggest Loser
-Grey's Anatomy
-The Office
-The Hills
-House Hunters
-Lipstick Jungle
There are a few more but I will stop there.

8 favorite restaurants
-Cheesecake Factory
-Sweet Tomatoes
-the Mexican restaurant by our apartment I can't remember the name
-The Cafe in The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas
-any steak place
-Cafe Rio
-Mimi's Cafe

8 things that happened yesterday
-went to church
-went to work
-looked at houses on the internet
-jump roped
-made dinner
-ate 5 servings of veggies and 4 servings of fruits (part of my challange)
-watched The Amazing Race
-talked to Cait (I think that was yesterday)

8 things on my wish list
-a house
-lose weight
-a house
-go on a trip with my husband
-a house
-go on a family trip to Disneyland
-a Wal-Mart on every corner (that's for you Janel)
-a house (I don't need 4 houses I just really really really want 1!)

8 people I tag
hmmm...apparently I also need more friends, or friends with blogs!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mom and Ryan

I took some pictures of Ryan and me tonight and thought I would post a few of them. I just love baby hands. They are so cute. I love when they get lint stuck between their fingers. I love how Ryan gets so fascinated by his hands. He is always sucking on his hands. He chokes himself on his fingers every once in awhile. He also loves to rub the back of his head with his right hand. Mom and Ry

He is such a sweetie!

bath or shower?

I have decided that Ryan is a bath and shower lover. Ever since he was a newborn he would shower with either Benson or me. He loves it. He loves the water on his face, he tries to drink it. But he took his first real bath with the kids the other day and loved that also. He had so much fun playing with the kids. It was fun to watch them all together.

Monday, November 10, 2008

new news

It is been crazy around here. Starting with Jeremy who started throwing up the night of Halloween. I was hoping he had just eaten too much candy but that ended up not being the case. He was up about every 45 minutes throughout the night. It ended up passing through the rest of us. Luckily it affected Ryan the least.

I also started a new job. I am working at ClubSport in Kids World. The greatest part is that I get to take the kids with me. So they get to go play and hang out while I work. Some of the time I am actually taking care of them. I love when I work in the infant room and get to be with Ryan. The other really nice thing is that I get a free membership and the kids do also. ClubSport is awesome. It is so much more then just a gym. They have basketball courts, swimming pools, rock climbing, racquetball, and a restaurant. They also have tons of programs for kids. So I am excited to take advantage. I had to miss 3 days of work plus a mandatory meeting because of us all being sick. I didn't even get through training before I had to call in sick. Luckily everyone else there has kids and they were super understanding. So anyway, it is the perfect part time job for me.

We are also excited that we get to go to Utah for Christmas this year. Not only that but we are flying there. I am so happy we get to fly. The kids and I are going for 2 weeks and Benson will be there for 4 days.

So that is all the news I can think of. Can't wait to see some of you at Christmas time.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

oh the stress!

Why does losing weight have to be so hard. Why can't I just look like this after having a baby (and eating a few too many pieces of chocolate). I really hate having to lose the weight all over again. This picture gives me some hope that I can do it AGAIN! For some reason I am having a lot harder time commiting this time. Hopefully now that I have a gym membership and free babysitting I will really get back with it and feel good about myself again. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween night

While the kids were out trick-or-treating this cop stopped and gave them candy. I asked Benson if that is what he would be doing when he went to work that night. Ha Ha! The kids were a little nervous at first but ended up having no problem taking candy from him. As we were out we realized Jer's pants were falling down unbeknownst to him. I had to get a picture.

Here are the results of our pumpkin carving. We had 5 before we started and one was stolen. Then after Halloween night we were down to 3. From left to right: Bensons, Jeremy's, Brooklyn's/Zach's, then mine/Brooklyn's/Benson's.

We had dinner with the Williams' and then went trick-or-treating with them. We had a good time.