Friday, October 31, 2008

carving time

We decided to carve pumpkins while Zach was here. It was a good thing too because he had lots of patience with Brooklyn. It was fun having him here even if it was a quick trip. Jer working on his pumpkin. I love how totally into it he gets.

Zach and Brooklyn working on her pumpkin.

Don't worry we don't carve our pumpkins and then clean them out. For some reason blogger is posting my pictures in reverse order! Frustrating!


KATE said...

Blogger has been doing that to my pictures too!

How fun! We love Halloween!

Janel said...

Didn't know he was coming for a visit--hope you had a good time! Is he coming back for Thanksgiving?

caitjane said...

Jeremy's hair looks cute, what a babe.

Ben said...

Hey guys - so, it took me a long time to figure out that you'd changed your blog address. Sorry. But - thanks for keeping us all up to date, Michelle! What a cute bunch of kids you guys have. Benson - I especially like the picture of you working on the pumpkin. You look very intense. If I were the pumpkin, I would have been scared.