Friday, October 03, 2008

breast milk vs. formula

You probably don't want to read this if you are not a woman. Let this be your warning.

So I am having a major issue because Ryan doesn't like to nurse a whole lot. After we got home from the hospital he decided he didn't want to nurse anymore. I would try once in a while but with no success. So I have been pumping. But there is another problem, I don't produce enough. I have been taking some pills to help but for some reason my memory is horrible and I don't take them as often as I am supposed to. Well the other day Ryan decided to nurse a little bit and then again today he was getting really frustrated. So I don't know if I should push the issue. I also wonder if it's because I don't produce alot and he's just not getting enough. Soooo frustrating!!!

I don't know what to do because I would like to breastfeed but I feel like it is not as easy as it should be by now. I didn't really breastfeed my other two for very long due to other reasons and I was okay with it but for some reason I am having a much harder time letting go of it this time. I feel like I am a bad mom if I don't. How long do you try and force trying to make it work? This is seriously stressing me out!


Kelly said...

I'm a low producer too and actually had nothing left by the time Layla was 5 months...gone overnight! I was sad, mostly that I'd have to pay for formula, and it was weird to stop so soon. Now, I'm LOVIN' it! it's a lot easier not to nurse :) My kids both got made a lot because I don't ever make don't stress out. Maybe just keep pumping and supplementing with formula. Don't feel bad though if you gave it a shot and it just didn't work. Ryan will still be a wonderful, healthy kid-o!

Rebecca said...

I have a amazing book on breastfeeding called "The Womenly Art of Breastfeeding" if you have questions. You can borrow it if you want! Also, my sister is a La Leche League consultant if you want to ask her your questions--she's really good to talk to--I do all the time!

amanda said...

It's wierd. I nursed Sam for a year no problem. But with Benjamin similar to Kelly, I had nothing by four months. I do wonder how much was attributed to the fact that I was distracted with another child and so I wasn't nursing as long or eating as much, but the past is the past and I gotta admit that it was a smooth and welcome transition to formula :) And Benjamin is a perfectly happy and healthy baby.

Carla said...

By the time I got Kitty, she was done with milk, and Henry was perfectly fine with formula. The only problem that I found with formula is that his toots were enough to peel the paint on the walls. Oh well, what we won't endure for our children;) Sorry I'm not more help, but I agree with Amanda that it might just be other distractions that are keeping you from relaxing enough. Try a few really deep breaths before you nurse next time.

KATE said...

Ok Michelle~ I went thru the same thing! In fact I didn't even nurse Brooke because by #4 I couldn't take the stress of it all!
I don't even begin to produce enough, I took all the pills read all the books and tried all the sure fire remedies, all to no avail! I totally understand your sadness over it & I can't tell you not to feel it, because I did with all three of my older ones, but I can tell you that after you are done nursing for good (whenever that is) you will feel better about it. At least I did. It was the not having the control over it, and not being a "good Mom" like you said that drove me nuts. But each time once I finally decided to give up, I felt so much better and the stress was gone!
~hang in there sweetie!!