Monday, September 01, 2008

well loved

Here are a few pictures from the past few days. I haven't taken too many pictures lately. We have been so busy. It doesn't help that we can't get out of the house before noon and that is on a good day. I don't know what I will do when all my help is gone.

As you can tell by these pictures Ryan is very well loved. Aunt Laura and Ryan catching some Z's together.
Me with the newest love of my life, Ryan!
I had to throw in this picture. I just love his little feet!
My two sweet boys.

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Janel said...

cute pics. i can't believe how alert he looks in the picture with jer--he's such a big boy!

Carrie said...

HE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! It gives me such a great big smile just looking at your pics and reading your comments. I LOVE this blog thing!!! I wish I could give ALL of you a great big hug!!!! I miss you guys so much!!!!!! Thanks for sharing all the great pics. It is wonderful to see your beautiful children.

Love you lots,

PS: Ryan knocked me out of family 1st place in baby weight!! I was 9 lbs. 8 oz. He has me beat by a mile!!! Way to go Ryan!!!!!

Mom always told the story that the day after I was born nurse came into her room and told her I was "sitting up and taking my bottle" and that I'd come for a visit when I was done. So I guess it is only natural that Ryan was able to turn over so soon in his great big life!! :)

Mom would be so happy for you too. :)

caitjane said...

Oh he's getting cuter and cuter. love that feet picture. I love you guys!! I'm glad you're having fun with Laura there! Tell her hi for me too! I miss you all! wow lots of exclamation points sorry, haha.

cstaats said...

I can't decide which picture I like best--they're all so good--but the one with Laura tells me that Ryan is a b**b man!!

KATE said...

I love the pictures!! He is so cute and I la la la love the tiny little feet pic! I also love the one of him snoozing with the Auntie! How sweet!!

Russells said...

Congratulatoins! We are so happy for you! He's so cute! We miss you guys and we are glad to see you all doing well.