Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jer and Ave

These two have a funny relationship. It seemed to be very much a love/hate thing. They did have a lot of fun together. Here are a few pictures we took of them on the last day Avery was here. They kept hugging and falling over. It was pretty cute. I should have put one of those pictures in here. Jeremy is so much about kissing. He was starting to annoy Avery. He told Janel and me that Avery wouldn't let him hug and kiss her anymore. You do have to put a stop to him most times or he won't stop. It doesn't just have to be a cute girl either. He was all about hugging and kissing Grandpa too. (You may be cute Dad but your not a girl.)


Jeppson's said...

Got to love kissing cousins:)

KATE said...

They are so cute & I love that he is a little kissin machine! Too adorable :P

Brenley said...

He is so cute with Avery! What a little charmer!