Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Day of School

Today is Brooklyn's first day of 1st grade. She was so excited to start school today. I was not. Getting up at 6:45 is not my idea of fun. Luckily Ryan slept really well last night so it wasn't so bad getting up early. Anyway, Brooklyn practically went running onto the bus and then she waved at me from her seat. I thought I was supposed to be the eager one and she was supposed to be sad!?! I am glad though that she was so excited.

Here are a few pictures we took of her this morning. She is quite the little model. I love how she does different poses and looks.

Thanks Grandma Jean for the moola to buy this adorable new outfit. Brooklyn picked it out all herself.


cstaats said...

That girl should sooooooo be in modeling. So cute, so photogenic, so stylish. Please tell her I love her and that I hope she enjoyed her first day at school.

Janel said...

oh no...she is so dang cute! watch out!!

caitjane said...

Brooklyn Jane what a cutie pie you are!! I hope you had an awesome first day of school! Call me and tell me all about it, I miss you! I LOVE YOU!!!! Give Jeremy and Ryan kisses and hugs for me.
Love, Aunt Cait

Brad and Jenn said...

Wow! Brooklyn is beautiful! I hope the first day went well!

KATE said...

She is so gorgeous Michelle!! Happy First day of School! Wow, 6:45 is so early! I'm sorry, especially with a new baby. Good Luck girl!
She really is a doll!

Rebecca said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

She obviously gets her good looks from her Aunt Kathi!

Totally just kidding!


Aunt Kathi

Brenley said...

She totally cracks me up with her picture posing! What a cutie!

Desiree said...

Hey I stalked your blog through Lourdes blog! How fun to see your beautiful family.