Tuesday, August 12, 2008

an update

Well not much has changed here at the Weinberger household. We are still waiting for the baby to make his appearance. We did make a run to the hospital yesterday morning because he was not moving. They did an ultrasound and he is fine. He was sucking on his hands just chillin'. The nurse said he has a lot of muscle on him. They also confirmed that is definitely a boy! Then they put the fetal heart monitors on me for about 30 minutes and all is well. I have been having contractions for about 3 days straight now. They seem to come about every 2-3 minutes but they are Braxton Hicks.

I have a doctor's appointment today to discuss inducing me. My doctor pretty much doesn't want to but she knows that I really want to so we will see what decisions are made after this appointment. She talked about doing an ultrasound and estimating how much the baby weighs. That is one of the things that concerns me because Jer was 8lbs. 15 oz. and was 10 days early. But then she continued to tell me that it is really not accurate. So I don't know why we would do that. I am due Friday. It is not like I am asking to be induced weeks early! So anyway, I will let you know. I am hoping we will schedule to be induced later this week.


Rebecca said...

At this point, every day seems like a YEAR!!! Oh, I remember it like it was today!

I'm feeling for ya!!


KATE said...

Some doctors are so weird about inducing early at all. I had one like that in Colorado. It's so weird to me! Then my doctor here actually preferred it, so he could plan out his day. Sorry, what a pain in the butt!