Sunday, August 17, 2008

my sweet baby

I cannot begin to express the emotions I have felt in the last few days. But most of you know what I am talking about without having to try and describe it. Ryan has brought so much into our lives already. He has already given us a couple of good scares. From his random difficult breathing to his circumcision cut not wanting to clot. I have cried happy tears and sad tears and then just some tears for the heck of it. I love this little guy so much. my sweet boy

I love to watch Benson with Ryan. He is so good with him and has helped me out so much.
Ryan's getting ready to go home. We had just put on his "going home" outfit. It said "Thank Heaven for little boys."
Brooklyn and Jeremy love their little brother so much. They want to help in whatever way they can. Brooklyn has "babysat" Ryan for us already. She is so good with him and so is Jeremy.
Jeremy wanted to read Ryan some books. What a good big brother.


caitjane said...

He is adorable! I love the picture with the pacifier in his mouth. I'm glad Brooklyn and Jeremy are helpin you out! I can't wait to be there...3 more days!! Love you guys!

Janel said...

oh, he is so cute. still can't believe how big he is! miss you guys

amanda said...

Love his name by the way. I think it fits perfectly with Brooklyn and Jeremy.

Brenley said...

I am SO SORRY that we didnt make it over to see you at the hospital, things were a bit crazy on Friday and the traffic around portland was AWFUL. And by the look of things it was probably good that we didnt come and bug you, sorry that you had a few little scares with little Ryan. I am glad he is doing good and at home with you. I can't wait to get my hands on him. I hope it will be soon! Congrats you guys, he is beautiful!

KATE said...

He is so sweet Michelle! You done good girl! I love those pictures!

Brad and Jenn said...

He's too cute! I love the pictures of Jeremy and Brooklyn with him. They look like they love having the little guy around.

Kelly said...

What? He's here? ahhhh! Congrats! What a good looking kid!

Lourdes and family said...

You all look so very happy!
I wish I could be there to visit
with you. I am glad the kids are
loving Ryan. Ryan wants to know if you named him after him?
Hugs and kisses to everyone.