Friday, August 01, 2008

Crazy Jer

I wanted to take some pictures of Jeremy after church last week because I thought he looked really handsome. We were outside and I asked him if I could take some pictures. Here are the results:
He first insisted that he get his picture taken while eating his pretzel. Then I couldn't get him to give me a decent smile, just this goofy one!
He wanted a picture with me. So then we took this one.
Then we have these 3 completely goofy ones. I love them though because they show his personality so much. This kid cracks me up. I can seriously just sit back and laugh at him all day long.

I thought I would share. I know it is a lot of pictures of one kid but I couldn't resist!


Anonymous said...

Oh Jer cracks me up. He is so funny in his pictures. Thanks for sharing them with everyone.



caitjane said...

oh my gosh he seriously is so adorable to me. his little hair and outfit are way cute. haha and i like his goofy ones too..what a nerd.

Janel said...

goof ball!! see ya soon--get that baby out!!

caitjane said...

10 DAYS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He looks exactly like Benson when he was that age. So cute! I love his "sexy" picture!

Love you guys!