Saturday, August 23, 2008

beachin' it

Today we took Cait to the beach. It was the perfect day. Too bad we didn't get there until 3:00. Brooklyn, Jeremy and Caitlin had fun building sand castles. We should have brought swimsuits for the kids but we didn't think it was going to be that nice. I have decided we need to go the the coast prepared for any weather.

I love this picture of Jer. He looks so hard at work.
Benson took these pictures. I thought I would add them because they are beautiful.


caitjane said...

I miss you guys already!! Go check my blog I put up a new post of the trip!!

Brenley said...

Even with a new baby you guys still keep going! I love that about you guys!

I really hope that we can get up there soon to see you. I really want to hold that cute baby Ryan. And I have a baby gift for you.

KATE said...

Holy Cow a trip to the beach with a brand new baby, you're a stud!

The kids are adorable! The coast is so beautiful up there!!