Sunday, July 27, 2008

I can't wait!

I have been blog surfing tonight and I am feeling a little lonely. It seems every blog I look at talks about spending time with all of their family. You know the traditional summer vacations. We haven't had any. We did get to see Sarah and David for a day and that was wonderful. I am just missing the week long fun visits with lots of family. I knew I wouldn't be able to go to Utah this summer with being prego and all that and everyone is waiting to come here until the baby is born. It has just been really hard. I am so excited to have my sisters and parents and neice come and visit and be able to go and do some fun things together. I know the kids are really looking forward to it also. They keep asking when they are going to come. I always tell them that they will come after the baby comes. So I don't know if they keep asking when the baby is coming because they want to see the baby or they want to see "Utah". That is what Jeremy calls my parents and 2 younger sisters. Anyone else that hasn't made plans to come see us and the baby but wants to please feel free. We love having the company!


KATE said...

Okay, I'm planning a trip then! ha ha!

I totally remember those days! We lived in Colorado for 5 years and we were alone for far too many holidays! I'm sorry sweetie. But it gives you that much more to look forward to, new baby and family visits!! How fun!!

email me Michelle ~ I'd love to talk to ya!

Kenny, Tara, Ashley said...

It is hard being away from family. I totally understand. Since Kenny has been on call all the time, and being SO FAR away from anyone, I understand how hard it is. Especially during holidays, special times, etc. I am so glad you'll be having lots of family to visit soon. Enjoy!

Rebecca said...

I hear ya on the no family trips this summer--we haven't had any either. This play that we're in has ruined two summers of possible family vacationing. We're going to Utah soon but only to perform our play then we come back.

How's the pregnancy going?

caitjane said...

I can't wait to come see you! I miss everyone so much. Thanks for being such a good big sis! haha sorry for the late night call, but I love you thanks for everything!