Tuesday, July 08, 2008

4th of July celebrations

On the 4th our ward had a pancake breakfast and parade. The kids got to decorate their bikes and they thought that was pretty fun, especially because they got to decorate with their friends. Benson and the missionaries
This is the "parade". I think it was more of a race then a parade. As long as the kids are happy who cares! You can see Jer in this picture. He is on the right hand side.
smiles all around
After this we came home and the kids and Benson rode their bikes some more. Benson then needed a nap because he had to go to work the night of the 4th. After his nap we met up with the Ravert's and went bowling and to their house for dinner. Then Benson had to leave for work at 7:00. :( It was sad that he was going to miss the fireworks with us but not a surprise. We then met the Ravert's at the park and watched the firework show. The End!
We had a fun day and are glad to have such good friends to celebrate with!


ashli said...

What's the missionary on the lefts name? He looks familiar! Probably not.. but you never know! haha..!

Anonymous said...

Hey Benson & Michelle,

Sorry I have not called you back Benson, no excuse but I have been so busy getting ready for this trip. We leave in the morning, heading to Missoula, I will call you once we get to Seattle on Monday. Will head dowm the coast on Sunday the 20th.
Hope we will be able to meet up while we are there.

Love and miss you all.

Weinberger Family said...


His last name is Turner. I don't know his first. He is from Salt Lake, he actually goes home this next week.

Daphna said...

hey sis. weinberger, it's daphna from little neck ward! I hope you're doing good! just wanted to say hi, cause i haven't said hi in a while! my birthday was july 8, so now i am 18! crazy, huh? i'm headed to BYU provo in the fall, and so is jaewon for the second year, and my brother too! ellen is staying in new york, going to hunter college, and elizabeth is also staying in new york, she's going to new york tech. of course andrea, jaeyoon, and carmen are still in high school! jaeyoon moved to roslyn though. Just some updates for you! anyway, talk to you later! hope you & your family are doing well!