Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Waterfront Park Fair

In June is the Rose Festival in Portland and they have a fair at Waterfront Park. We took the kids on Monday when Brooklyn got home from school. Luckily it hadn't started raining until the end of our fair experience. We went through a Jurassic Park themed dinosour museum and then we found these big trucks. We went through the petting zoo. Brooklyn was deathly afraid of the animals.
The kids went on 2 rides each. They went on these motorcycles and the roller coaster.

Before we left we watched a jester/magic/trick show. Whatever it was called the kids had a great time. Brooklyn was laughing so hard it was really cute. After the fair we went to the Beavers game.

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Nobles Family said...

Brooklyn was afraid of the animals?? Funny--I thought she loved most animals. Avery loved to pet and hug the baby goats when we visited the little petting zoo at Disneyland-it's so cute! Anyway, looks like you guys had lots of fun. We miss you!