Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation

Brooklyn had her kindergarten graduation yesterday. Brooklyn had very mixed emotions. She loves her teacher so much and loves kindergarten. But even though she is nervous I think she is excited for First Grade.
Brooklyn and Jeremy just before her last bus ride to school for the year.
They played the graduation music and had each child enter the room one at a time. It was pretty official.
If you can't tell Brooklyn was trying to hold in the tears on these next couple of pictures. Mrs. Doughty said a poem and tapped them on the head with the "First Grader" wand.
Getting her diploma!
This is Brooklyn with Mrs. Brickley. She taught Brooklyn's class for a couple of months while Mrs. Doughty was out due to surgery. Brooklyn loved her also.
It was a lot of fun going to her graduation. We even got Costco cake at the end, yummy! We ended the festivities by going out to lunch at Juan Colorado. Brooklyn picked the restaurant and she ate her entire plate of food.


Ryan said...

Congrats to Brooklyn! Those pictures of her holding back her tears are so sad, but so sweet at the same time.

Brad & Jenn said...

Wow! I can't believe you have a first grader already! Congrats Brooklyn!

Nobles Family said...

We love you Brooklyn! Can't wait to see you again :)

KATE said...

We love kindergarten graduation! How fun!! She is so adorable!!

caitjane said...

yay Brooklyn!! You're so big! I miss you so much and am excited to come see you in a couple of months, call me on the phone soon okay? I love you!