Saturday, June 21, 2008

even better news

Well Benson made it through the night! He can't believe I was really that scared. It wasn't a knock on him at all just on all the added trash that was downtown last night. Benson said there were so many cops working last night. Anyway all is well!

Also, our van needs a new transmission and motor mounts. Which would be bad news if it happened a couple more months down the road when our warranty had worn off. But thank goodness it is all covered under our warranty so that saved us around $3000. Of course the company that the extended warranty is through wants to come out and inspect it themselves to make sure the dealership is telling the truth because they don't want to pay for it. And of course the inspector can't come until Monday so it is stalling everything. But they will also pay for our rental car for up to 5 days so we should have to only pay for a day or two. The guy at the dealership said he isn't worried because he knows he is telling the truth. So anyway we will end up only paying a few hundred for the diagnosis and then the deductible of the warranty work.

So it is a good day!


Brenley and her boys! said...

When I read about you being worried about the trash that will come out because of snoop dog being in town, all I could think of was "come on Snoop dog is a family man!" (Have you seen his reality show?) Glad all went well and Benson came home safe and sound!

Weinberger Family said...

No, I have to admit that is one show I have not seen. What a shame.

Nobles Family said...

Did Bens get jiggy w/ Snoop Dog?? :) Glad the weekend turned out ok. Sooooooo glad the ar situation is on its way to being taken care of!!

KATE said...

Oh my word, I can't believe Janel just wrote jiggy w/ Snoop Dogg. That was good stuff!

I'm glad it's all turned out alright! I hate car issues, they stress me out! So glad it was under warranty!