Thursday, June 05, 2008


Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with my friend that posted her experience about running into a birth mother but about the comment on her blog. I didn't want to leave this comment on her blog and start controversial subjects on her blog. So I thought I would do it on my own blog.

So I was reading my friends post about her sweet experience she had in the store about running into a lady that had decided to place her baby for adoption some 40 years earlier. And they talked about the experiences they each had had and the bond it formed between the 2 of them. I think it was a really sweet experience and one that she will treasure forever.

Now there was a comment on her blog saying something like this, "those of us that have our own children just having boring normal experiences..." I must say I was truly offended by such a statement. Having your own children is a wonderful blessing and something that should not be thought of lightly. We should be extremely grateful for our experience to give birth to our children. I will never think of giving birth as normal or boring. What an amazing experince to feel a life inside of you moving around. The birthing experience is a far cry from boring or normal. I can't express how I felt giving birth to my children and I look forward to my third with pure excitement. It is an experience like no other just like adopting is an experience like no other.

We all have our own story and each one is unique and special in its own way. I can't imagine the experience of adoption. What I can imagine, is the out of this world experience I have felt giving birth to my own. I think of all the women that have died trying to give birth to their children or that have nearly died doing so. The toll that pregnancy takes on your body but you will do it time and time again because it is a far cry from boring or normal. Raising children is a blessing from God and no matter how we got them here it doesn't change the worth of our children. Each child is special. Each experience is special and no one is more deserving then another. We all are given children in different ways and need to be happy for whatever way they come to us.

What I am trying to say in all of my ramblings is that we can be happy for each other no matter what way we got our children here without down playing our own experience. I am grateful for adoption, without it Avery would not be a member of our family and I can't imagine that. I am also grateful for those of us that have been able to give birth to our own children because I can't imagine all of those grandkids not being a part of our family.

I hope that this post is not offensive to anyone. It was not meant to be. Leave whatever comment you want.


Nobles Family said...

I agree with you Missy...sometimes people don't think before they write/say things. A child coming into the world is a wonderful thing--never to be described as normal or boring. We can't wait for our new baby cousin!!

Brad & Jenn said...

AMEN!!! I can't imagine my life without our kids and know I would love them the same reguardless of how they got here. I literally would have baby after baby (if it were a responsible thing to do or if I didn't have to raise that many kids!) just to have that experience again and again. I have truly loved having our boys and nothing about it has been boring or even normal for that matter!

Stahlemobile said...

Well said!

Jeppson's said...

I love new blog page.
How did you get that page? Looking forward to Disney land!

KATE said...

Very well said Michelle! I completely agree!!