Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hikin' the Falls

We had nice weather all weekend but since Benson sleeps "the weekend" away we decided that we needed to do something fun as a family on Monday. It was another beautiful day and we didn't want to spend it doing much of nothing. So Brooklyn missed school and we went to Multnomah Falls to hike to the top. It is only a mile so we figured it wouldn't be too bad. We also promised the kids that if they could do it without whining we would buy them ice cream cones when we got back to the bottom. These pictures tell of our adventure.

This is Brooklyn before we headed up.
There was a little cave that Jeremy thought was really cool. He wanted to get his picture taken in it but didn't dare go in by himself. We also took Uncle Matt on the hike with us part of the way via cell phone.

We found a caterpillar on the trail along with a couple of slugs. I didn't take a picture of them though.
I think this is about half way. From here there was a really pretty view of the Gorge and of the Falls.
This is the view of the falls from where we were in the picture above. This is really close to where Benson rolled his ankle off the path and fell. Lucky for him there was a rail right there and didn't fall all the way over. Too bad for me though because I didn't get the complete comic relief that it would have given me. (I can laugh because Benson would have laughed if it was me.)
Jeremy climbing through the roots of a tree.
I cannot believe I am putting a picture of me in here because I look terrible. But I needed proof that I did make it the full mile straight up the mountain. We took many rest stops. Thank goodness the weather wasn't too hot.

The view from the top of the falls. It made our stomachs turn a little bit.
This was a small fall just before the big one. You don't see this fall from the bottom.
over the edge
The kids did really well on the hike. There was very little complaining. We had a really fun time.
After you get to the top there are a lot of other hiking trails. We went on another trail and this is a picture from there. It was a really pretty trail.
We all made it back down in one piece we just had some sore knees and Benson a sore shoulder from his extra excursion to view the pavement closer. Brooklyn also took a little trip but handled herself well. She didn't shed a tear which is really good for her. So we got back down and went to buy the kids an ice cream cone and realized they were $3 a piece so we convinced them that McDonald's would be a better choice.


Kelly said...

Jealous!!! beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...that's for the hike, your fam, and YOU! Cute and Prego!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you look so good. How fun I love hiking! I'm glad Benson didnt do more damage! We miss ya:(

Nobles Family said...

that looks beautiful--we have to go when i'm there...oh, and you look cute Missy!!

Brad & Jenn said...

What a beautiful place!! You look great Michelle! Pregnant and hiking- way to go!

Kenny, Tara & Ashley said...

First Seattle, then Multonmah Falls! You guys are going to all my favorite spots! How I miss the great Northwest!

talonandanna said...

simply gorgeous! and once again, fab photos. love that you get to go do fun outdoorsy things with your cute fam. i thought about you last week while i was at the beach in WA! :)

Brenley and her boys! said...

I thought I had commented on this post, guess not!

Love those falls!