Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Detroit Lake

We went to Detroit Lake over Memorial Day. We had never been there but had been told that it was really pretty. We had a really good time as a family. Here are a few (or a lot) of pictures from our weekend.

One happy camper!
Benson was teaching Brooklyn how to skip rocks. She was very excited when she actually did it.
Jeremy wanted to throw this rock into the water. Needless to say he didn't throw it very far. Jeremy had a great time throwing rocks into the water. That is one of his favorite things to do.
by the lake
Benson was really close to the water telling Brooklyn something and Jer and I threw a big rock in his direction and got Benson all wet. Benson threatened to throw Jeremy in. Once Brooklyn knew he wasn't really going to throw Jeremy into the water she backed away and let Jer get teased.

This picture was not supposed to make it into this but it is too hard to delete. Apparently I put in the wrong number. It was supposed to be of Jer and Benson looking over the dam.
During our drive we stopped at the dam and walked across. This sight made our stomachs turn a little.
A view from the dam.
A waterfall we found while we were driving around the lake. Since we didn't know the name of it we named it Jeremy Waterfall since he always says that nothing has his name. We find Brooklyn's name everywhere!

We had a really good time. We took the kids bikes and they got to ride as much as they wanted. Jeremy found a hill right by our campsite that we loved riding down. Everytime he rode down we just held our breath hoping he didn't fall. He only did once and that is because he was getting really cocky!


Nobles Family said...

Sounds like a good time--the pictures are beautiful. We are probably going camping again next weekend!

Brad & Jenn said...

What a beautiful place to camp! Michelle you are awesome! You're prego and camping- Way to be!

caitjane said...

Fun!! I can totally picture that scene in my head of Benson picking Jeremy up to throw him and Brooklyn screaming out for her little brother, and then you saying "Brooklyn, he's not REALLY going to throw him in." hahaha i miss you guys. oh and next time you come I'll take Jer to Jeremy Ranch....we'll get a picture

Kelly said...

ooo--I can't wait for some camping trips...when Layla is a bit older and it's not crazy hot!

Nobles Family said...

benson--i just read on cait's blog that you took the princess doin' ok?! atleast you turned out to Pocahantas and not someone really frilly :)...seriously though-only a real man could take the princess quiz, love ya!