Thursday, May 01, 2008

Brooklyn's kindergarten performance

Brooklyn's kindergarten class had a performance on Tuesday night. They sang a few songs. Then they turned on a black light and the kids had scarves and they danced around. The theme was pond animals. Brooklyn's class did the dancing like they were fish swimming through water. There was also a class that was frogs and a class that were ducks.

Brooklyn is the 3rd one over from the right in this picture. Brooklyn was in the back with all the boys because of her height. I told Benson that is ticks me off because even though she is tall she is still hard to see over all the kids and hats. I wish they would have rotated them or something. Next time I am going to put her in heels since she is on the back row anyway. (Sorry I just had to complain for a minute!)
Brooklyn with her good friend Heidi afterwards.


amanda said...

I don't think Sam will ever see the second row, let alone the back so I can't relate :)

caitjane said...

cute Brooklyn!! don't worry i was a back-rower too.

Brad & Jenn said...

Brooklyn is such a pretty little girl! I'm sure she'll appreciate the height may not be until high school though! :)