Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mariners game

We had great weather until about 30 minutes before the game started and then it started to rain. I was glad though because I wanted to see the dome close. So that was kinda cool. Safeco Field is really nice. We enjoyed walking around it. We were there early so we watched batting practice and watched a couple of the pitchers from the Orioles warm up. It is amazing how fast they can throw the ball.
The Dome!
Here is a view from the park. It was really cool to see the skyline at night also. Unfortunately the pictures didn't turn out.
Well if you care the Mariners won the game. It was fun just to be at the ballpark again. We keep hoping that Portland will get a team and really hoping that it will be a National League team so we can see our teams play.


Kenny, Tara & Ashley said...

Wow, looking at your blog made me totally miss Washington and Seattle! Glad you had fun! Next time you have to make it to Mt. Ranier! So beautiful!

Kenny, Tara & Ashley said...

I still can't believe that Benson is a baseball fan. I still imagine that you just Photoshop his head in all of these pictures. I'm proud of you!


Weinberger Family said...

Kenny, we are even considering getting cable so we can get ESPN and watch some baseball games. I finally got my sports guy!