Friday, April 04, 2008

All kinds of weather

At the beginning of our week stay in Utah it was beautiful and warm. By the end of the week we had about 3-4 inches of snow. The kids couldn't have been happier. They had a lot of fun shoveling and throwing snowballs. They were freezing though because we brought nothing even close to snow clothes with us.

We had a wonderful time in Utah seeing family and friends. We went to Mrs. Cavanaugh's chocolate factory, and thanks to Aunt Carla we went to Jungle Jim's. The kids played baseball with Grandpa and they rode bikes. Jeremy arrested and threw Grandpa into jail a few times. He also helped vaccuum Grandma's car and he vaccuumed all the rooms several times. We also got to celebrate Great Grandpa's birthday with him. We also shopped a lot and ate lots of yummy food. The kids had a sleep over with Grandma Jean and Benson and I went and shot pool with some of our friends. I say "shot pool" like we knew what we were doing, but really neither of us is very good, me especially! We also had a lot of fun playing games, especially pictionary. Pictionary with my family is pretty entertaining. None of us know how to draw very well especially me and my mom. We were laughing hysterically several times during that game.

Thanks for such a wonderful trip everyone. It was so good to see all of you again. When we drove away Brooklyn said to me, "Mom, how do you say bye to someone that you love so much!" And of course she was crying hysterically as she said it. So that should tell all of you how much we love you and are happy that we got to spend time with all of you. After we got home Brooklyn told me how much she missed everyone and named all of you!

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caitjane said...

Oh Brooklyn! That makes me sad, I miss you guys too!