Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What the hail????

So we are only about 1 day away from May, and we had a freak hail storm. Yesterday was a really weird weather day. It switched from overcast, to sunny, to raining, to sunny, to hailing, well you get my drift. The hail storm was really cool. Jeremy went out on the back patio and was standing there, letting the hail hit him on the head.
The storm lasted about 20 minutes and by the time it was over, the driveway and road were completely covered in hail. Brooklyn and Jeremy went out front and were sweeping the hail into piles, which they then threw against the front door.
We keep hoping that we will be getting spring weather, but we have not lucked out yet. The Timberline Logde, on Mt. Hood, got about a foot of fresh powder. Pretty crazy!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mariners game

We had great weather until about 30 minutes before the game started and then it started to rain. I was glad though because I wanted to see the dome close. So that was kinda cool. Safeco Field is really nice. We enjoyed walking around it. We were there early so we watched batting practice and watched a couple of the pitchers from the Orioles warm up. It is amazing how fast they can throw the ball.
The Dome!
Here is a view from the park. It was really cool to see the skyline at night also. Unfortunately the pictures didn't turn out.
Well if you care the Mariners won the game. It was fun just to be at the ballpark again. We keep hoping that Portland will get a team and really hoping that it will be a National League team so we can see our teams play.

Beautiful Seattle

Benson and I went to Seattle for the day yesterday. We went mainly to go to the Mariners game but wanted to see Seattle also. We really lucked out with the weather. It didn't rain all day. It was overcast but it really wasn't cold. We went to Pike's Place Market. It was really cool. We were amazed at the size of the seafood that was there. Some of the shops reminded us of New York so that was cool.
Benson wanted me to take a picture of the salmon because they were so big.

We also walked to Pioneer Square and down by the water. We had a really fun time together. After 3 hours of walking around I was tired. So we drove around and saw lots of other parts of Seattle. We both really like it there.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby Tampico

Well a few people have asked how the baby is doing so I thought I would update all of you. Things are going really well with the pregnancy. This has been by far the easiest pregnancy I have had. I am now almost 23 weeks along and can feel him moving pretty often. He really seems to enjoy pushing on my bladder! He is really active around 11:00 at night and then I usually start feeling him again around 7:30ish. I do seem to have a lot of heartburn but the doc gave me a perscription for it. So that has helped. I am really enjoying being pregnant but am anxious for him to come. Although not too anxious because then my sleep will really be hinderd.

As for names, I think Tampico is in the running! Don't you like it?! ;) Laura and Cait suggested it to me when we were on the phone one day. That is the only one that is sticking right now. We have a few others we are discussing but I don't like having my baby named before he or she is here. So we shall see!

I am getting more and more excited to have a boy. I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I first found out. Mainly because I have so many cute girl clothes. But I think it will be really fun for Jeremy to have a little bro to play with. Plus it also means more little league games to attend. I always loved being involved in my brother's playing baseball and other sports and am looking forward to doing that same thing with my boys. Plus I told Brooklyn that she is special because she will be my main shopping partner! Brooklyn is such a sweetie and I think we will always have a close relationship.

Anyway, if you want to give your 2 cents on a name for the baby go ahead. But I pretty much have my mind made up. I just don't want to make anything definite until my little guy is here!

Friday, April 18, 2008

kid talk

Brooklyn has been asking me for awhile to have a mother/daughter date. So her and I went out the other night to Sweet Tomatoes. As we were walking out Brooklyn said to me, "Wasn't that a great time together Mom." It is times like this that makes all the stress of being a parent worth it.

Then today we asked the kids if they wanted to go to the library when Brooklyn got home from school. Brooklyn said yes that she wanted to get some reading books. Jeremy responded with, "I want to get some looking books." Since he can't read he called his books looking books. He has continued to call them that the whole day.

I love to listen to what new things kids have to say. I need to be better at writing them down. So I guess this is the best place to do it. I worry that if I write it anywhere else not only would I forget what they say but forget where I kept record of it all.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Thank freakin' goodness!!!!
We are officially getting rid of our Dodge Stratus today. We put it on Craigs List a week ago today and have had ONE call on it. Luckily that one call was THE call. Last Wednesday night a man called to come and see the car for his daughter who lives up in Washington for college. Apparently she had been looking for awhile when she was going to give up. Then she found our car. So anyway, her dad came and looked at it, started it and that was it. He also mentioned that $4000 was her limit. Benson said that would be fine. So anyway we didn't hear from him again until the next night. He called and said his daughter wanted the car and asked when we could take care of business. Of course we were thrilled and had to pinch ourselves a few times to make sure we weren't dreaming. Anyway, we are meeting him at the credit union today so he can pay his portion and we will pay the rest of our portion and then get the title!!!! How lucky is this girl to have her dad take care of all her business for her right down to paying cash for the car. How would it be to have an interest free loan on your car! And people say money doesn't buy happiness. (If anyone wants to challange me I will gladly take your money and see if it makes me happier to live a little bit more cushy of a life. ) Back to the subject because that is a whole other post, this girl is heaven sent because we have not had another single call of interest on the car and we needed to get rid of it. Over the past year we have put about $3500 worth of work into that car. So I am hoping that our financial curse will be over when this car leaves our hands! Just so you know, we did fix the water pump a couple of weeks ago (which cost $1600) before we tried to sell it so we didn't feel like we were handing someone our problem.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


On Thursday's I help out in Brooklyn's classroom. Well I got Brooklyn her clothes to wear and then went up to get ready. While I was getting ready she came up and asked me if I would wear my shirt that matches her so we could be twins. I had to say yes because how long is my child going to want to be twins with her mom. So I got ready and came downstairs and she also noticed that I had curled my hair so then she needed hers curled. So here we are Mother/Daughter twins for a day! Jeremy took the picture that's why my head is a little cut off, but I thought it was pretty good for a 3 year old.

Friday, April 04, 2008

All kinds of weather

At the beginning of our week stay in Utah it was beautiful and warm. By the end of the week we had about 3-4 inches of snow. The kids couldn't have been happier. They had a lot of fun shoveling and throwing snowballs. They were freezing though because we brought nothing even close to snow clothes with us.

We had a wonderful time in Utah seeing family and friends. We went to Mrs. Cavanaugh's chocolate factory, and thanks to Aunt Carla we went to Jungle Jim's. The kids played baseball with Grandpa and they rode bikes. Jeremy arrested and threw Grandpa into jail a few times. He also helped vaccuum Grandma's car and he vaccuumed all the rooms several times. We also got to celebrate Great Grandpa's birthday with him. We also shopped a lot and ate lots of yummy food. The kids had a sleep over with Grandma Jean and Benson and I went and shot pool with some of our friends. I say "shot pool" like we knew what we were doing, but really neither of us is very good, me especially! We also had a lot of fun playing games, especially pictionary. Pictionary with my family is pretty entertaining. None of us know how to draw very well especially me and my mom. We were laughing hysterically several times during that game.

Thanks for such a wonderful trip everyone. It was so good to see all of you again. When we drove away Brooklyn said to me, "Mom, how do you say bye to someone that you love so much!" And of course she was crying hysterically as she said it. So that should tell all of you how much we love you and are happy that we got to spend time with all of you. After we got home Brooklyn told me how much she missed everyone and named all of you!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Easter Pictures

It is amazing we were able to get a few decent pictures of the kids. Jeremy was being very stubborn about getting his picture taken and doing what I asked. And just before this Brooklyn had a complete breakdown about how her hair was done. Luckily they cooperated for a few seconds so we were able to get a couple of pictures.

Happy Easter

We went to Utah for Easter. We got there at 9:00 Saturday night. The kids, of course, didn't want to go to bed when we got there. They wanted to color easter eggs. So that is what they did. They had a lot of fun.
We hoped the kids would sleep in on Easter considering they didn't go to bed until 11:00. But of course with the anticipation of the Easter Bunny visiting they were up at 7:30. As you can tell we didn't even get pajamas on Saturday night. We just went to bed!