Friday, March 14, 2008

bubble blowing

We had a break in the rain clouds this afternoon and the kids wanted to take full advantage. They rode their bikes for awhile and then moved on to bubbles. I figured I would take a few pictures. I decided to play with the pics on Photoshop. It was fun to play with them a little bit. I just wish I knew a lot more about Photoshop. I guess I will just have to keep playing and hopefully figure a few things out. When the baby comes I want to be able to take some pictures of the kids together and not have to go to a studio or pay studio prices. Plus the last time we tried to get pictures of the kids Jeremy totally freaked out and refused. I know he would do a lot better if just Benson or I were taking the pictures. So I figured I should start playing with pictures now and figure out how to use Photoshop a little bit. I have a very long way to go!

Brooklyn was trying to blow really big bubbles.
Jeremy was happy that it was finally his turn to blow bubbles. Of course he wanted to blow big ones too since that is what his big sister was doing!


Brenley, Bryce & McCoy said...

I love that picture of Brooklyn! What Photoshop do you have? I have CS2 and have recently figured out how to use it to correct my photos and am loving it. I can email you a few pointers. And check out some of my photography links on my blog for great ideas for photos with your kids.

talonandanna said...

yay for bubbles and spring being around the corner! i bought trey some bubbles an a blower, supposed to be THE BEST there is, from gymboree, i'm excited for him to try them. cute pics of the kids, totally into what they're doing. :) love that.

caitjane said...

hey hey hey! i have a blog. look at it. p.s. that little caption thing of the "baby" is disgusting and creeps me out. my neice/nephew does not need to be portrayed in that way. please take it down.

sbjeppson said...

ok Michelle I am official. Congrats on the baby.