Friday, February 22, 2008

beach, beach, beach

Benson wanted to go to the coast for his birthday. It worked out perfectly because it was a holiday and so Brooklyn didn't have school. So we headed to Pacific City. We hadn't spent much time there before so we thought we would do some exploring there. We had a fun time, it was warm and there was lots of sand to play in.
There was this great big sand hill that Benson and the kids climbed up. It was interesting to watch the people that this hill intrigued. It attracted the old, the young, and everyone in between. People would run down it and fall and roll part of the way. Jeremy's approach was just to roll! He had sand everywhere when he was finally all the way down. They had a lot of fun.

When we were done in Pacific City we drove north. It was starting to get cold, cloudy, and windy. We saw these sun spots coming through the clouds. It was awesome!!!

A couple of months ago the coast had a really strong storm blow through. There were 100+ MPH winds and lots of flooding. A lot of trees were uprooted and blown over. In fact, the tallest Sitka Spruce tree, which once stood near HWY 26 was blown over. I know what you are thinking, we too are still asking ourselves why God lets bad things happen to good trees. Anyway, this is a wheelchair ramp that leads from the parking lot at Cannon Beach to the sand. I know...a wheelchair ramp to the sand? It was actually really cool to see all of the driftwood that had been trapped in the ramp and had not been cleaned up yet. (In case you couldn't tell, Benson wrote this section)
It was a really fun trip to the coast, and we really enjoyed each other's company!!


matt and brynn said...

I would love to just pick up and go the coast for an afternoon and then go home. It sounds like you had a lot of fun.

Michelle, we are going private on our blog so if you want to see it I need your e-mail address.

talonandanna said...

i always love your pictures of your beach adventures! i miss the coast so much. thanks for sharing a piece of home with us folk you don't even have a beach!

talonandanna said...

p.s. gotta know what kind of camera you guys have???

Weinberger Family said...

We use a Olympus SP-510UZ. It is a pretty basic camera, but lets you try new things if you want to.

Stahlemobile said...

Those spots coming through the clouds are spectacular!

Shannon said...

I have heard baby powder works well to get the sand off when you're done playing. Have you ever tried it? Does it really work? We need to visit the shore again, it has been too long.