Saturday, February 23, 2008

...and the moon became as blood;

On the 20th we had a really good view of the lunar eclipse. It was really awesome. I took the opportunity to try out some of my very amateur photography skills. I set the camera up on a tri-pod and was playing with the shutter speed in order to get a brighter picture. I figured if this lunar eclipse was the begining of the Second Coming, I was going to have the whole thing on camera...right before I burst into flames!!!

The owners of this house probably thought we were casing it or something, with the amount of photos I took of it.
This shot is of a car passing by on the street while the shutter was open.

Michelle forced me to take a "person picture" in the middle of all of my moon pictures.

This last one is actually of a jet flying by. I think the shutter was open for 10 seconds, and it got the blinking lights. I thought it was pretty cool looking.


Anonymous said...

Those are some really cool pictures. It is crazy all of the stuff you can actually do with a camera. I love looking at your guys blog. I really liked the one with Jer in his police stuff.


Nobles Family said...

awesome pics Bens. thanks for sharing :)

talonandanna said...

hey thanks for the camera info. we are looking into investing in a nice one this year. oh and we have NO idea what we are doing, just need a change of pace. we'll stay in utah, at least for now. i would love the coast, but i don't think my husband could hack it, he's a desert boy. :0

Kelly said...

great pics