Saturday, February 23, 2008

...and the moon became as blood;

On the 20th we had a really good view of the lunar eclipse. It was really awesome. I took the opportunity to try out some of my very amateur photography skills. I set the camera up on a tri-pod and was playing with the shutter speed in order to get a brighter picture. I figured if this lunar eclipse was the begining of the Second Coming, I was going to have the whole thing on camera...right before I burst into flames!!!

The owners of this house probably thought we were casing it or something, with the amount of photos I took of it.
This shot is of a car passing by on the street while the shutter was open.

Michelle forced me to take a "person picture" in the middle of all of my moon pictures.

This last one is actually of a jet flying by. I think the shutter was open for 10 seconds, and it got the blinking lights. I thought it was pretty cool looking.

Friday, February 22, 2008

beach, beach, beach

Benson wanted to go to the coast for his birthday. It worked out perfectly because it was a holiday and so Brooklyn didn't have school. So we headed to Pacific City. We hadn't spent much time there before so we thought we would do some exploring there. We had a fun time, it was warm and there was lots of sand to play in.
There was this great big sand hill that Benson and the kids climbed up. It was interesting to watch the people that this hill intrigued. It attracted the old, the young, and everyone in between. People would run down it and fall and roll part of the way. Jeremy's approach was just to roll! He had sand everywhere when he was finally all the way down. They had a lot of fun.

When we were done in Pacific City we drove north. It was starting to get cold, cloudy, and windy. We saw these sun spots coming through the clouds. It was awesome!!!

A couple of months ago the coast had a really strong storm blow through. There were 100+ MPH winds and lots of flooding. A lot of trees were uprooted and blown over. In fact, the tallest Sitka Spruce tree, which once stood near HWY 26 was blown over. I know what you are thinking, we too are still asking ourselves why God lets bad things happen to good trees. Anyway, this is a wheelchair ramp that leads from the parking lot at Cannon Beach to the sand. I know...a wheelchair ramp to the sand? It was actually really cool to see all of the driftwood that had been trapped in the ramp and had not been cleaned up yet. (In case you couldn't tell, Benson wrote this section)
It was a really fun trip to the coast, and we really enjoyed each other's company!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One year older and wiser too...

Benson turned 29 on Monday. I can't believe it! We had some friends over on Sunday and had cake to celebrate. It was only a one layer cake because the other layer didn't finish cooking and I thought it had. But that just meant lots of frosting for one little layer and it was yummy! The 2 candles represent that he is still in his 20's.
Brooklyn made this card for Benson. It is really cute. The kids got him Swedish Fish for his birthday. I can't believe how long it can take with Brooklyn to pick out candy. It was quite the decision for her!
Happy Birthday Benson! I love you and appreciate all that you do for us, including cleaning up your own birthday dinner!!! What a wonderful man!

chocolate tips

On Valentine's Day I made a chocolate cake for us to have. Well, Jeremy asked me if he could lick the bowl that the cake was made in, I told him he could and so he did. Well a few hours later we were eating dinner and Benson started questioning what I did to Jeremy's hair that day. I of course told him the usual routine and thought nothing of it, meanwhile Benson was starring at Jeremy's hair. I decided to take a look and realized it was chocolate. I started to laugh and asked Jeremy if he stuck his head into the bowl and licked it. He smiled and said, "yeah." It was pretty funny. I had to take pictures.

Friday, February 15, 2008

oh the memories...

On Tuesday Shelly and I took the kids roller skating. It is for pre schoolers. They tighten the wheels so the kids don't fall as easily. The kids had a really good time. And it brought back a lot of memories for me. Adrienne and I used to go roller skating all the time when we were in elementary school. We even did the hokey pokey and the chicken dance. Jeremy loved the chicken dance. I put on roller skates for a few minutes because Jeremy wanted to go around fast! That was quite the work out, trying to hold him between my legs and skate around. But we both had a lot of fun.

Jeremy, Brooklyn, and the little girl I was babysitting Elena Brooklyn, Heidi, Nicole, Elena, Jeremy
Once again Jeremy was the only boy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

just like dad

Jeremy loves to wear his police gear but he always gets frustrated because it doesn't fit in his pockets. He has been asking for a long time for a police belt. So we took some of his money and a little of mom and dad's and bought him a police belt. He was so excited to put it all on.
Here I am putting on his badge.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Last Sunday a good friend of mine was killed on his way to work. Mark Zylawy, known as Z-Man, was assigned to be my coach after I had graduated from the basic academy. I worked with him during June and July of 2007. He was a great officer, and a great mentor. I will never forget the lessons that he taught me during our time together.

He had a way of making everybody feel as if they were the most important person in the world. He was able to help me work through all of the little, and not so little, concerns that I had as a new officer. He went out of his way to help solve problems that had occurred during my hiring process. I remember that he always told me he was cleaning up Northeast Portland, one crack pipe at time.

The funeral was amazing. It was awesome to see the very personal side of Z-Man. It was also awesome to see the emotion that flowed freely for Z-Man from a bunch of cops.

He was truly one of the great people that have been police officers. He will be missed!

Thanks Z-MAN!!