Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Years Resolution: Weekly trips to the coast!!

We all had the day off today, so we figured that we would go to the coast. The plan was to go to Newport, but we stopped at Lincoln City and had too much fun there. When we got out of the car we were afraid it was going to be too cold to play on the beach, but once we hit the sand, it warmed right up. The tide was really low and we were able to walk on some rocks that we had never seen before. We thought about bringing a change of clothes, but we ended up not bringing any. Needless to say, we all got wet. I, Benson, said that we should know by now that we cannot go to the beach without getting wet.
Self-portrait of two of the most beautiful girls in the world!!!!

Even though it was the middle of the day, the sun was really low in the sky, so it made some really cool shadows and reflections in the tide pools.

The kids were having a blast trying to climb on the rocks without getting wet. Jeremy, like his normal self, was jumping without putting too much thought into it. Brooklyn was a bit more hesitant and was thinking about each of her moves a bit more.

I loved this picture of Jeremy...he looks like he is in such deep thought.

We had a really fun time at the beach. We were able to eat at Mo's which is one of my favorite restaurants. Their blackened salmon is so good. We then drove on to Depoe Bay and spent a little more time looking at the ocean. I think that once I retire from the Bureau, we will move to the coast and work for a smaller agency there. That would be great!!

In case you couldn't tell this post was put together by Benson.


Kenny, Tara & Ashley said...

Ahhhh, blackened salmon. . . . .

Shelly Williams said...

Next time my family goes to the coast I want to take your camera and whoever took all those pictures!! It looks like you guys had a professional photo shoot there. Very Cute!!

talonandanna said...

WISH i could have the same new year's resolution, but seeing i'm soooo totally far from the ocean, not gonna happen. i'll have to come up with something else! :) looks like your fam had a wonderful holiday. kids are growing up, wow! can't remember if i said CONGRATS on the one on the way, that's awesome! keep the posts coming! L)

Kenny, Tara & Ashley said...

I LOVE how you changed the look of your blog. How do you do it? Leave me a post on our blog and tell me how you did it. Looks great!