Thursday, January 17, 2008


For Christmas my sister Laura bought the kids gift certificates to Build-A-Bear. We finally went and the kids had a lot of fun. As soon as Jeremy saw the monkey he had to get him. He calls him Monkey George. Brooklyn had a much harder time deciding. But she finally picked the pink and white bear. Here are the animals before the stuffing.
Jeremy kissing his monkey after he was stuffed and got his heart. They each had to rub the heart on their head to give the monkey a brain, on their arm to make them strong, on their leg so they can run fast. It was quite a cute little process.
Giving their stuffed animal a bath.
The finished products, Cutie Pie Love A Lot and Monkey George!

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Nobles Family said...

That's so cute-looks like they had lots of fun doing that. What a great gift idea :)