Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Basic psychological principle.

First off, this is Benson speaking...Michelle is upstairs and fast asleep, not knowing what I am doing. I want to share a basic psychological idea with you all, that of Pavlovian conditioning. It is really a simple prinicple. Right before Pavlov would feed his dogs, he would ring a bell. He would then feed the dogs. Because there was food present, the dogs would begin to salivate. With enough pairings of the bell and the food, Pavlov could get the dogs to salivate by simply ringing the bell. The food wasn't even necessary to begin the salivation process.

You may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with the Weinberger's blog? Well its actually pretty simple. Across the last few days we have received some requests that we post more stuff, I guess the old stuff has become "boring." Herein lies the problem, Michelle has become conditioned, much like Pavlov's dogs, to post when she gets comments from her previous posts. If there aren't many comments, her desire and energy to post goes down, hence less posts. If there are many comments, then the desire and energy to post goes up, hence more posts. So, if you want more posts, then by all means leave a comment. Even something simple like "looks good" would make her feel better.

I know this sounds like I am begging for compliments, but not really. The comments don't even have to be nice, just post something! For those of you who might say, "well, I don't blog, so I can't leave a message". Let me tell you, you have a lot of nerve! Just kidding, but it is possible to leave a comment without having a blog address, you just have to do it under the anonymous tab.

That having been said, I am going to step off of my soapbox. And I really don't expect this post to be on the blog that long before Michelle deletes it!

And for those of you who might think that we are hypocrites because we do not leave comments on your blog, well, once again, you have a lot of nerve!!! But, seriously we will try harder to leave comments, if you do to!


Anonymous said...

Was it something I said? We love to follow your blog and always anxiously await new posts!

We love you guys!


Weinberger Family said...

Wow, I had no idea Benson added this post until I checked my email this morning and saw that I had a comment on a post I knew nothing about. His post actually sounds really harsh. Sorry!

In the past I have mentioned to Benson that I never get comments and I see other people's blogs who have comments in the teens. And I start to wonder if I am the only one that looks at my blog.

Kathi, after I talked to you yesterday I told Benson what you had told me about Zach asking what was up with my lack of blogging. I thought is was cute that he said that. So don't think for one second that I was upset. I guess Benson is sick of my whining that I don't ever get comments!!!

I am going to leave the post up because I do find it entertaining and it makes me feel that Benson is feeling a little protective of me!

But all is well!


Weinberger Family said...

I guess it's not as harsh as I had originally thought. But I do still find it entertaining. Benson is much better at writing things then I am. I always tell him he should do the posts because his writing style is much more entertaining then mine.


Anonymous said...

I trust that it will not surprise you that I make a couple of constructive comments regarding
Benson's entry. First, compliment and energy are misspelled. Second, what is an "anonymous tab"?
Now, one comment about the "blog". How did my grandkids get so cute?

Bryce & Brenley said...

Benson cracks me up! I think more people look at your blog than you think. I checked alot for something new, and I havent been very good about commenting because of McCoy and the fact the he is always crying when I am on the computer.
Love you guys, and miss you!

BensWeinberger said...

Dad, I also noticed those words spelled wrong. The only thing I can say is that it was 3:00 in the morning when he did it AND spelling has never been his strongest! He always has me spell check for him. But I was fast asleep at like 10:00 last night!


The anonymous tag is for someone to leave a comment that doesn't have a blogger account. Or I guess if you don't want someone to know who your are!?!

Anonymous said...

wow, you guys have way to much time on your hands:) We sure miss you guys, hope all is well. The Steve Jeppson Famly:)

Stahlemobile said...

Well, I love your blog and check it all the time! I will try and start making my presence known. :)

Kenny, Tara & Ashley said...

We, too, check your blog regularly. In fact, Tara makes it a habit of checking each person's blog in our list of Friends each day when she logs in to blogger to see if anything new has been added. Although we don't leave comments every day, you can rest assured that the Lindleys look at your blog at least once per day.

Nobles Family said...

benson--we love you :) thanks for caring so much about Michelle's feelings--that is super sweet

Cait said...

hahahaha first of all Benson there was no need to introduce yourself because I'm pretty positive Michelle could not have whopped out that example of the dogs and the salivating and the bell....that was definately a Benson thing. It's crackin me up because I think that is so true...Michelle really is like that, so here you go michelle... ding ding ding!!!

=) Carly said...

I am totally rolling right now! Only cause I am the same way. LOL I feel like when I post something "normal" nada, then I vomit all over the computer and I get the whole world commenting. Doesn't make sense. Not sure if people are scared to comment or what. I wish more people would.It would give me more blogs to look at. LOL