Friday, December 14, 2007


I have a funny story to tell. My dad loves to tell this story, he gets a kick out of it everytime he does. I want to share it with you. When my brother was younger he played little league. Well one of the teams they played had a little boy on it whose name was Third. Well Third played second base. So everytime the ball was hit and the coach yelled, "throw the ball to Third" the kids were really confused. They didn't know if they were supposed to throw it to Third or third base. So the ball was thrown all over the field. Apparently it was quite comical for all of the parents watching. Because of that story I have been thinking to myself....who names a child Third? Was he the third child, was he the third boy. Was he the third grandchild? Or did his parents want him to grow up and be a Third Baseman. Who knows! What I am really trying to get to here is that I am going to have my third child and no matter what sex the child is it's name will not be Third. Even though he/she will be the third child and that I wouldn't mind that if it is a boy he does grow up to play third base in the major leagues. But I do think it could be a really fun nickname!

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Stahlemobile said...

Congratulations!! I am so excited for you guys. Welcome to the three club!