Saturday, December 01, 2007

Not too full, little sap...

While Kathi, Ashli, and Zach were here we went and cut down a Christmas tree. It was a lot of fun and Benson kept quoting from Christmas Vacation. We all had a few good laughs while trying to find the perfect tree. Jeremy enjoying tromping through the dirt and stepping on mushrooms.

Benson with his "kill". He wanted his picture taken like people do when they got their big elk or whatever big thing they killed. So Benson with his big "kill" a Christmas tree and the weapon he used displayed in front.
We found 8 ladybugs in our tree.
Brooklyn not too sure if she wants this tree.

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*Carly* said...

I love ladybugs. I remember when I found one and showed it to Alyson and she told me that ladybugs weren't really ladys. I had to laugh pretty hard. Kids do in fact say the darndest things. =)