Friday, November 16, 2007

Six things...

Well I have been tagged by a couple of different people so I decided that I should do this thing... My biggest problem is coming up with 6 things interesting about myself. I will try but I don't guarantee they will be interesting.

1. I am pretty obsessed with reality tv. I love to watch The Amazing Race, Survivor, America's Next Top Model, The Biggest Loser, Fat March, The Bachelor and Cops. It is probably a really good thing that we don't have cable because there was a lot of reality shows on MTV, HGTV and TLC that I also used to love to watch. A friend of mine comes over on Monday nights so that we can watch The Bachelor together. The finale is on on Monday night and I am really excited to have a little finale party.

2. I love desserts and candy. Even when I was really good on my diet and didn't eat any of it I would still enjoy buying candy for Benson and the kids. I love having it in my home. I enjoy looking at it. I enjoy making really yummy desserts and I love when people ask me for the recipe. It is so exciting for me. Unfortunately I have gotten back to eating too much of all that yummy but bad for you food.

3. This is one that Benson just recently found out about me. I am obsessed with numbers and counting. Sometimes I think I am crazy. When I was staying at my parents house this summer I was talking on the phone with Benson and carrying Jeremy down the stairs. Well when I am carrying him I can't see the stairs so I just count them so I know when I am at the bottom. Since I was talking to Benson I couldn't count the stairs and I actually missed the last stair and fell. So I told Benson it was his fault that I fell and explained. It was because I wasn't able to count the stairs. He asked me how many stairs were in our apartment and I told him 7 up each set (we have a landing). He couldn't believe I knew that. I also love to take words and count them out on my fingers and figure out how many letters are between each of the letters of the word and then find the one that is most in the middle. I know it sounds really confusing but it works in my simple little mind. I do it so much that I really don't even think about it, I just find myself doing it. There are lots of other things I do with numbers but I won't bore you with anymore details.

4. For some reasons I love to make Benson roll his eyes at me (so to speak). I will purposely do something to annoy Benson just to make him roll his eyes at me. I think it is so funny. Maybe because sometimes it is so easy. I love to make funny faces or act really stupid in front of him because I get such a kick out of him thinking I have totally lost it. Or I will purposely put something somewhere just to see his reaction when he finds it. The funny thing is that he knows I do these things on purpose but I still do them. They are still very entertaining to me.

5. I am a major home body. I love to be home, I guess because it is such a safe place. I don't have to worry about impressing anyone or be careful what I say or do. I actually quit the basketball team in high school because I didn't like being away from home the little bit that I was. This is why I am so amazed that I have moved so far away from my family. When I moved up to Utah State to go to school I know my mom that I was going to be back in a couple of days. But I did it and am so glad I did. Then when Benson and I went to New York and now live in Oregon, it shocks me that I have done it. I never thought I would leave Utah because that is where my family is. I do love going back to my parents house. It is nice to have 2 homes now.

6. I am really bad with sayings. I always get them wrong and same with song lyrics. I remember in college Mel and I were singing to a song by Trisha Yearwood and I thought it said "you didn't have a vote of hope" but what it really said was "you didn't have a row to hoe". Boy did Melanie get a kick out of that. She was just as bad as I was though. One time she said, "it's 7's" when it is really 6's. Oh it was so funny! I cannot think of any of the sayings that I screw up. I am sure there are a few of you out there that could help me with that.

So there you have it. Six things about me that you may or may not have known. That was actually kind of fun to do. I sat here and laughed by myself.

So now I get to tag 6 of you, hmmm....Janel, Anna, I think the rest of you that have blogs have recently been tagged. So I guess I will just do 2.


*Carly* said...

That was good. I think we all have quirky things that we do. If you say you don't then you aren't being honest with yourself. One of my weirdest things is when I pump gas I have to have it stop on $.50 or $.00. I hate when it goes over or stops on 1 cent. People are fascinating I think.

Bryce & Brenley said...

I loved reading this, your such a fun person!

Stringhams said...

ok, well you can just HAVE ours! if it wasn't 4K to cut them down, they'd be gone already. :) our yard is so ghetto honestly. two days after raking and bagging for 3 hours, the storm brought down many, many more. i'm just waiting for them to blow into the neighbors yard so they aren't in ours anymore. :) LOL p.s. your pics on the blog are amazing! love the outdoors stuff especially.