Friday, November 09, 2007

pumpkin carving

Well I know I am a bit late on posting these pictures but I figured better late then never. Life has been really crazy. I have started babysitting for a friend of mine 2 days a week. I know that doesn't seem like much but it really makes for a busy week. So here are a few pictures of us carving our pumpkins. Our friends Mike, Jamie and their little girl Brinnly came over to join us. It was fun to have them here. Jeremy did really well for a 3 year old. He poked some holes to trace and then just took his knife to it. It actually ended up pretty cool because it looked like his jack o' lantern had scares all over his head. Plus he was happy.
Brooklyn is an experienced carver. Just look back at last year's pictures.

The finished products: Brooklyn's, Jeremy's, Benson's, and the Russel's. I didn't get a pumpkin. I figured I would get plenty of it helping the kids.

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