Friday, November 09, 2007

Graduation #6..The Academy take 2

Benson has hit another big milestone in his training. He graduated from the Advanced Academy on Wednesday. He has almost finished a year of his 18 month probation. Benson got second place in Defensive Tactics and Academics. He was barely beat out in both catergories. Yes, it was a little frustrating. The kids and I enjoyed going to his graduation and are very proud of him.
Also this week Benson got to enjoy the tazer. They had tazer training on Monday and he was tazed. He said that it was much more painful then he thought it would be. It is definitely something I don't ever care to experience. With all of Benson's graduations you would expect alot more initials after his name and a much bigger pay check. Hopefully someday the bigger pay check will come. Benson is definitely worth a lot more then he makes! :) Especially when you look at the student loan debt! Anyway, we are really excited to be where we are in life. I am really excited to see where Benson takes his career.

Here is my "Officer and a Gentleman." You know what I am talking about if you watched The Bachelor last season.
Congrats Benson, we are proud of you.


Stringhams said...

Yea! What a great accomplishment! Looks like you are all happy and well. What a cute little family you have. Love the pics of Halloween, cute costumes and awesome pumpkins!

Anonymous said...


CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is terrific, you all look great.

I know I am your big sister and not your mom but I am very proud of you, be safe out there.


Bryce & Brenley said...

Don't you just love seeing Benson accomplish more and more? It looks like he is doing awsome! And that tazer must have really hurt, because I know how much he already thought that it would hurt! OUCH!

Anonymous said...

Benson, Congrats on finishing training. That is a big accomplishment. I can't say that the tazer training sounded very fun but hey your in law enforcement. bryce

osulindleys said...

Congrats Benson!
Michelle, you've been tagged! Check out my blog to see what it is all about, but basically you list 6 facts about yourself, and then you tag 6 others. It has been fun learning more about people!