Friday, October 19, 2007

sugar cookies

We had a fun time making cookies with Heidi, Nicole and Shelly on Thursday. The kids enjoyed every part of it.As you can see they got a little carried away with the flour!

Last year Jeremy didn't show too much interest in decorating cookies. Well it was quite different this year. This year after all the other kids finished frosting their first cookie they ate it, except for Jeremy. He was all business. He make 7 cookies and was upset when I told him he couldn't do anymore because we needed to save some for the other kids. He was totally into it, it was very cute.
Good job Brooklyn!


Kelly said...

yummy...that's so funny about Jer! I'll be making cookies myself today...can't resist!

Stringhams said...

those cookies look mighty tasty! looks like they enjoyed themselves. we need to do cookies and carve our pumpkin tonight. :) thanks for the post on our site about the blog photo. i'm learning as i go, it's slow going too. :) hey, can i add ya to our list as a link to 'friends'? hope all is well in oregon. heard you got a little tending job, that's great. hope it goes well.

Bryce & Brenley said...

OH YUMMY! I would love to make sugar cookies, but that is just more dishes that I would have to wash by hand, not worth it at the moment.

I just had the thought today that you guys have been living in Oregon almost a whole year, crazy!!

Cait said...

oh my word your kids are cute