Saturday, September 08, 2007

Brooklyn's first soccer game

This week has been a big week for Brooklyn. Today was her first soccer game and she was so excited. They play 3 vs 3 and rotate out. They don't keep score it is just for the kids to have fun. But, Brooklyn scored at least 5 goals. It was so fun to watch her when she scored, she would get so excited.

Brooklyn practicing shooting before the game.
Here are some pictures we took before her first game. Once again she came up with these poses.

Brooklyn and her best friend Heidi. They are waiting their turn to go back into the game. Brooklyn's coach said that 2 seconds after Brooklyn rotated out she would say she couldn't wait to get back in. Her coach said she wished she could bottle her up and take her home with her.
Dribbling the ball down the field. I think she scored on this play.
Abby and Brooklyn
Brooklyn and Heidi in action.
This is the coin flip for kick off.


Bryce & Brenley said...

Looks like she will be a soccer star someday. I LOVE the posing, maybe she will be a model too. Or she will just have really good practice for the publicity shots for her awsome soccer playing.

Nobles Family said...

Go Brooklyn!! We love you.