Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our Anniversary Trip

This past weekend was our 7 year anniversary. In 7 years we have moved 7 times and lived in 3 different states. In fact within a years time we lived in the 3 different states. We had 2 kids and Benson got his master's degree. When we got married he hadn't even started college. So in some ways I can't believe we have been married for so long and when I look at all that we have done I can't believe it has only been 7 years.

Due to a wonderful friend of mine who took the kids for the weekend we were able to go to the coast for our anniversary. It was so relaxing. We went to several different beaches and walked along the water, took a 3 mile hike, and walked around the shops in Cannon Beach. At night we enjoyed watching some cable tv since we don't have that at home.

I wanted to share some pictures of our trip with you. Benson took most of the pictures this trip. I know there are a lot of pictures but there are so many to pick from. So I hope you enjoy.

Here is a picture of my new hairdo. Brooklyn came home from school and thought I was a babysitter. It took her a minute and then she told me she loved it. Benson had no idea I was going to cut it off either. I got like 7-8 inches cut off. Jeremy kept asking me if Daddy liked it. Thank goodness he did.

My handsome honey!Talk about a close up!

Benson, I love you and Happy Anniversary! I had a wonderful time with you this past weekend and can't wait to do it again.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oh where has the time gone!!!

I can't believe this little baby is now 6 years old. I keep remembering this day and how wonderful it was. I am so happy to have Brooklyn as my daugther. I look back at these pictures with such fond memories. She is so sweet. It was so hard to just pick a few pictures of her. Anyway, my baby Brooklyn is 6 years old today! Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Brooklyn's Birthday Bash!

On Saturday we had Brooklyn's birthday party. I can't believe she is 6 years old. We had a lot of fun at her party. Here are a few pictures.

Friday, September 14, 2007

A couple things...

First off I have to give Benson some credit for the picture taking. He took the 3 pictures of the kids and the sunset/beach on our Beachside camping trip. For as much as I would like to take credit for those I can't. Although, he was being a camera hog at the moment. Benson takes really good pictures, but they are usually of scenery and when I do my post I always seem to do pictures of the kids. But anyway, he is a great photographer. We blew up one of the pictures he took from our Tualatin Wildlife Refuge pictures. We blew it up really big and hung it in our house. This is the picture.
And the other thing is.... Laura is coming to visit. She is coming for Halloween. I am so excited to have her here for Halloween. Plus Benson will be out of town that weekend for work and I won't be all by myself. All of you should sign up for Southwest Ding because it gives you really good deals that you don't find on their sight. That is where we got Laura's flight. Yeah, I am so excited!!! I asked Laura what she thinks of when she thinks of Halloween dinner and she said sloppy joes. For some reason growing up we always had sloppy joes for dinner on Halloween and I have continued the "tradition" with my kids. So I am excited to have those with Laura here. But I am sad that we will miss Kathi's Hallween party that she does for the family.
Sorry for all the rambling, I am just so excited!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Brooklyn's first soccer game

This week has been a big week for Brooklyn. Today was her first soccer game and she was so excited. They play 3 vs 3 and rotate out. They don't keep score it is just for the kids to have fun. But, Brooklyn scored at least 5 goals. It was so fun to watch her when she scored, she would get so excited.

Brooklyn practicing shooting before the game.
Here are some pictures we took before her first game. Once again she came up with these poses.

Brooklyn and her best friend Heidi. They are waiting their turn to go back into the game. Brooklyn's coach said that 2 seconds after Brooklyn rotated out she would say she couldn't wait to get back in. Her coach said she wished she could bottle her up and take her home with her.
Dribbling the ball down the field. I think she scored on this play.
Abby and Brooklyn
Brooklyn and Heidi in action.
This is the coin flip for kick off.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

First Day of School

Today was Brooklyn's first day of kindergarten. So of course we had to take the traditional first day of school picture. Well apparently she thought it was a photo shoot instead. I had to keep taking pictures. I thought it was so hilarious that she kept striking a pose and giving me different facial expressions. She kept asking, "Does this look good." I had to share all of the pictures with you so you could get a kick out of them too.

Anyway, she had a good first day. She was a little worried about the bus ride because 2 of her friends were getting on before her and she knew that only 2 kids fit on a seat. So she was worried that she would have to sit alone. I can't believe she was able to think all of that through. But it all worked out. They were able to fit 3 on the seat.

Tonight at the school they are having an ice cream social/back to school night. So we are excited to go to that. I am also going to volunteer in her classroom every other week. I am excited to be able to see exactly what is going on so I can get more in depth with her about what she is doing at school.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Beachside camping trip

We decided to go camping over Labor Day weekend. We had a lot of fun spending time on the beach and hanging around the camp fire. Our last night camping Brooklyn wanted to tell "ghost stories." It was a little more of comedy hour then ghost story hour, but we had a good time.

Jeremy watching Dad put the lantern together.

Jeremy playing with the seaweed.
Roasting our hot dogs the lazy way.

Jeremy picked up this rock and told me to take a picture. I thought it was pretty cute.

I was trying to take a picture of Jeremy chillin' in Benson's chair and Brooklyn stuck her face in. I thought the face she decided to make was funny.