Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Give it up for BARRY BONDS!!! Well if you missed it, tonight was the greatest night in baseball. Barry hit homerun #756 to pass Hank Aaron. If you missed it, then you have to watch it here. Oh how I wish I was there!!!!!! Go Barry!!!!


Anonymous said...

That was terrific but did you see that Matt Murphy, a METS fan caught it? Congratulations Benson on your team being involved in the greatest night in baseball!!!!

Love and miss you all.


Weinberger Family said...

Yes, I did see that it was a Mets fan. I heard that he is from Queens and that he was in SF on his way out of the country and just somehow got tickets for the game and went. Talk about his lucky day. I was sad that it wasn't a Giants fan that got it but if your smart you would sell it anyway.


Weinberger Family said...

Sorry I have to correct my grammar, I meant to say you're not your.